Learning VPOCUS and Global FAST – Global FAST being a single examination combining AFAST and its fluid scoring system, TFAST and Vet BLUE – techniques are truly a game-changers in providing small animal patient care, and…

…we have the evidence to back it up. Take a look at what veterinarians all over the world are saying about this innovative technique that is changing the way veterinarians detect, diagnose and treat conditions quicker, safer, and more effectively. 

I just wanted to take the time to thank you. AFAST and Vet BLUE have really significantly changed the way I practice for the better. A Vet BLUE is included now in any of my lung or heart assessments along with the Echos that I was already doing. It is great medicine and it produces great value for my clients and patients. I do several daily.”

Danny Earl, DVM, San Antonio, Texas

“Thought I had a hemangiosarcoma for sure in a 7-year old Lab today that has been lethargic and tiring out easily but AFAST showed no free fluid and spleen looked good, TFAST showed an enlarged heart and numerous lung rockets.  Chest radiographs sealed the deal that this dog is in CHF and needs some Lasix among other things!  Yay, no death sentence”

Lisa Ohman, DVM, Minnesota

“FAST has made the use of ultrasonography more accessible & less intimidating to our ER vets, and its standardized approach makes transferring of cases between clinicians seamless and universal. In short, we could never go back to a “pre-FAST” way of practicing medicine.”

Dr. Joanne Fagnou, DVM, CCRP, New Market, Ontario, CA

“That was a great talk (Greg Lisciandro)! I think it was the finest lecture pertaining to POC (point-of-care) ultrasound that I’ve ever heard. Thanks again for your time, effort, and expertise. Will look forward to collaborating with you on future endeavors!”

Dr. Steven G Venticinque, MD, Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology & Surgery, Vice Chair – Department of Anesthesiology, Program Director – Anesthesiology Critical care Fellow, UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas


“Hey veterinary peeps! If you have an ultrasound you must take this course!  I have diagnosed so many pericardial effusions, anaphylaxis cases, congestive heart failure, etc. based on Global FAST ultrasound.  It’s the best thing since sliced bread!”

Dr. Laura McLain, Salt Lake City, UT

“Took the course at ABVP in October.  Today had a dog that on a radiograph could have been a lung lobe torsion but wasn’t quite as well defined as I would have liked.  Vet BLUE confirmed in about 30 seconds. He is now resting comfortably post-op.  Thank you Dr. Lisciandro!”

Bill McGee, DVM

“Hi Greg, Can’t tell you enough how much we love doing FAST exams here.  I have found MANY problems I would have never found without doing formal FAST exams.”

Joe Peterson, DVM, DABVP, Spokane, WA

“I thought this (Global FAST) course was awesome.  I use it (Global FAST) every day since I returned to my office.”


“Dr. Lisciandro, I took the FASTVet (Global FAST) Course last Saturday. I almost never do testimonials, but already using it by 9am Monday.  Relief Vet saw a dog for sudden respiratory distress Saturday and began furosemide.  This morning owner reports some improvement, but still having problems.  With Vet BLUE, saw lung rockets in all fields, also thickened left ventricular wall.  Awesome to use something new that I’ve learned so quickly, great knowledge.”

Adam Popplewell, DVM

“I took the AFAST/TFAST/Vet BLUE ultrasound course from Greg Lisciandro during my residency (just finished) and loved it.  I would absolutely recommend a course with him (he wrote the book)!).  There were 25 people in my class and the day was broken into 3 hours of lecture and 3-4 hours of hands-on in groups of 2-4 for ultrasound practice. This course also helped me create a template for FAST ultrasounds to improve consistency in the practice and quality of our ultrasounds, which I use everyday.”

Virginia Frauenthal, DVM, DACVECC

“I took the Global FAST course in San Antonio earlier this summer.  It really opened my eyes to how much information can be gained very rapidly by using a systematic approach (Global FAST) to gather it.  I use it almost daily now.  When our modern machine was out for an upgrade I used the dinosaur and could still see the essentials.  It’s worth your time to attend one of the courses!  Greg and Stephanie are fantastic instructors.  You can also get access to their webinars and other instructional materials.”

Russell N. Ueckert, DVM

“I attended your lectures in February 2016 at the CAPNA Medical and Surgical Director’s Meeting Conference in Las Vegas.  I was blown away by the information, and have started Global FAST-ing all my patients.  I’ve found liver masses, PCE (pericardial effusion), and enlarged abdominal lymph nodes in pets with otherwise normal blood work, etc.  It’s life-saving!  I’d love for you to come to our practice…to lecture and teach these skills.”

Dr. Caitlin Snyder, DVM

“I was convinced about using ultrasound for trauma, triage, and tracking previously.  However, I went to your husband’s presentation in Sandestin this year (June 2015).  I’m still so excited about applying lung ultrasounds with our busy referral hospital that I can’t even believe it.  Just today I was able to show our surgeon some residual pneumothorax with his post-op diaphragmatic hernia.  He was convinced that he had tapped it all intra-operatively.  Easily TFAST and Vet BLUE showed differently and we didn’t have to move the patient to radiology… So you have a big advocate here in Oklahoma and I’m trying to get the rest of our 8 docs on board too.  Thanks and can’t wait to cruise the website some more.”

Dr. Chris Johnson, DVM

“Wow, I’m pumped up today Greg.  Dr. H has a case of ascites and when she scanned the gall bladder, she saw and obvious halo sign.  She hasn’t taken your course yet, but was aware of the halo sign.  I had her bring the dog out to me to do the DH view and TFAST.  The dog had a huge fat cava and an RV:LV ratio of 1:1.  I told her the dog has some significant right-sided issues to be clarified.  She’s gonna try to get a full echo done quickly as possible.  VERY COOL! …the chest rad only showed minimal R-sided enlargement.  Without TFAST we would miss the degree of right-sided dysfunction.  Thanks again for leading the way in a great modality.”

Jim Horger, DVM

“Cool case yesterday, 16-year old Chihuahua presented yesterday with acute dyspnea, tachypnea, and a cough to one of my associates.  Dog had reported history of collapsing trachea, on presentation had a 5/6 systolic murmur, (and) lungs were difficult to auscult.  The owner was reluctant to pursue but did TFAST Vet BLUE.  The heart was huge with bilateral atrial enlargement, no pericardial and no pleural effusion, Vet BLUE showed dry lung everywhere but over the right middle lung lobe where there were a ton of lung rockets.  I offered her a presumptive diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia.  The owner ok’d chest radiographs at this point which showed no clinically relevant collapsing trachea, marked cardiomegaly with MS (mainstem) bronchial compression, no pulmonary edema or venous congestion.  Right middle lung lobe showed air bronchograms and was read out by the radiologist as bronchopneumonia consistent with aspiration.  The dog was started on antibiotics.  I had a new grad DVM doing a working interview following me around today and he was blown away by how powerful a tool FASTVet was, in this case, getting an unexpected but accurate diagnosis.”

Bob Baker, DVM

“Drs. Greg and Stephanie Lisciandro, It was a pleasure meeting both of you and learning Global FAST.  I can already tell it will revolutionize how I practice medicine.  It provides a huge amount of information very quickly that can be used in many different ways.  Case in point: My second appointment this morning was a 17yr FS dog that presented with diarrhea and decreased appetite.  Other than the periodontal disease, the only other exam abnormality was moderately increased lung sounds. While labs were running, I did Global FAST and could not believe the number of (lung) nodules I saw when I got to the lungs (Vet BLUE).  I think one measured 1.5 cm…I was blown away by seeing all of the nodules and how easy and quick it was…we (Dr. Hill and her colleague both took our course April 1, 2016) were very impressed by our new wealth of knowledge (post-FASTVet [Global FAST] Course).  Thank you both.  We are already big believers!”

Dr. Rachel Hill, DVM

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful experience of the in-person, hands-on course last week in San Antonio. As the class date approached, I was so charged up with anticipation, one of my friends said I was like a little kid headed to Disney, and yet the actual experience far exceeded my expectations!  You are a gifted lecturer and educator, drawing in your audience with your passion and accessible, evidence-based approach…Besides learning a great deal, the course really boosted my confidence.  I hadn’t realized how much I had already absorbed from your textbook and my Premium Membership to the FASTVet website. The recurrent theme that the point-of-care exams are readily useful for clinical application by the non-radiologist veterinarian, should be amended to include the non-veterinarian clinician! I wonder if practicing vets knew that even a human pediatric subspecialist can easily learn to apply your techniques, maybe every one of them would get educated and pick up an ultrasound probe to improve patient care in everyday practice.

Dr. Ivy Boydstun, MD